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Akicare Ultrasound Probe List update 4
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                                                                                      Akicare  Compatible Ultrasound Probe 
Brand Compatible Model TYPE Compatbile Systems
MINDRAY 35C50EA Convex DP-8800Plus \DP-8800\DP-6600
35C50EB Convex DP-3300\DP-7700Plus 
35C50HA Convex DP-9900/9900Plus
CA3.5MHz/R60 Convex DP-1100
C5-2 Convex DC7
3C5A Convex DC-3/DC-6
3C5S Convex M5
75L38EA Linear DP-8800Plus \DP-8800\DP-6600
75L53EA Linear DP6900,DP-3/5
75L38EB Linear DP1100plus/2200/3300/7700
75L38HA Linear DP-9900/9900Plus
75L38HB Linear DP-3300\DP-7700Plus 
75L60EA Linear 6600/6600VET/6900/8800/30/50/Z5
L11-4 Linear DC7
7L4A Linear DC-3/DC-6
7L4S Linear M5
65EC10EA Endocavity DP-8800Plus \DP-8800\DP-6600
65EC10EB Endocavity DP-3300\DP-7700Plus 
65EC10HA Endocavity DP-9900/9900Plus
6CV1 Endocavity DC-3/DC-6
35C20EA Microconvex DP-1100plus/2200/3300/3300VET
65C15EA Microconvex 3300/7700/6600/6900/8800/
2P2 Phased array DC3 / DC6
P4-2 Phased array DC-6N
75L50EAV Linear VET
50L60EAV Linear VET
ALOKA SH-101 Convex SSD-500/ 620/ 625/650/1100
UST-934N Convex SSD-500/ 620/ 625/650/1100
UST-979 Convex SSD-900/1000/3500/4000
UST-990 Convex SSD-3500/4000
UST-9137 Convex Prosound 2
UST-9123 Convex SSD-3500/4000
UST-5049-3.5 Convex SSD 500/500V
UST-9119 Convex SSD 5000/5500
UST-9130 Convex alpha 7/alpha 10
UST-9133 Endocavity Aloka Alpha 5
UST-5512U Linear SSD-500/620/630/650/1100
UST-5546 Linear SSD-900/1000/3500/4000
UST-5524 Linear SSD 900/1000/1400/1700/2000/3500/4000/5000/5500
UST-5410 Linear  Prosound Alpha 5SX/6
UST-5412 Linear alpha 5/alpha 10/ssd-500v
UST-5539 Linear SSD-5000/ 5500
UST-5545 Linear SSD-4000
 UST-981 Endocavity SSD-500/ 620/ 625/650/1100
UST-984 Endocavity SSD-900/1000/3500/4000
UST-9112 Endocavity SSD-900/1000/3500/4000
UST-9118 Endocavity SSD-5000/5500
UST-9124 Endocavity SSD-3500/4000
UST-588U-5 Endocavity SSD 500/500V
UST-5820 Rectal
UST-5299 Phase SSD-3500/4000
GE C36 Convex Logiq 50/100
CBF Convex Logiq 200
AB2-7 Convex Voluson 730 Pro
3.5C Convex Logiq3/5/7,Vivid 3/5/7
4C Convex Logiq 7/9,p5/p6
4C-RC Convex Logiq C5
3C Convex Logiq3, Logiq5, Logiq7
3CB Convex GE£ºLogiq200PRO
MTZ Endocavity Logiq 200
8L Linear Logiq p5,p6
L76 Linear Logiq100/100 pro
L39 Linear ¦Á50
3S Phase Logiq p5,p6
S317 Phase GE£ºLogiq 400 /500
E72 Transvaginal Logiq100/100 pro
E8CS Transvaginal Logiq7/9/s6/p3/p5/p6
E8C Endocavity Logiq p5,p6
MEDISON C3-7ED Convex SA-5500/6000C/8000
C2-5/40   Convex  SA-3200
C2-5/60BD*no connector  Convex  SA-600
C2-5EL-N  Convex  SA8000EX/SA8000LV
C5-2EL  Convex  SA9900
99-C3-7IM  Convex  SA9900
HC3-6ED-N Convex  SA8800/SA6000/SA5500
C3-7EP-N  Convex  SA X6
C2-5ET-N  Convex SA X4/PICO/SA8000EX/LV/SE
AXC2-5EL Convex SA X8 / Accuvix  XQ / V10 /  V20
C2-8-N Convex SA X6
99-L5-12IM Linear SA9900
AXHL5-12ED Linear SA X8 / Accuvix XQ / V10 / V20
TZL5-12EP Linear R3/R5/R7 new
HL5-12ED-N  linear  SA X6 
L5-9EC-N linear SA X4/PICO/SA8800/SA8000/SA6000/128BW /SA5500 
AXER4-9/10ED Endocavity SA X8 / Accuvix XQ / V10 / V20
EC4-9/13Rno connector Endocavity A-600
ER4-9/10ED Transvaginal SA R7 / Accuvix XG transvaginal 
EC4-9/ED Endocavity SA-5500/6000C/8000
ESAOTE CA11 Convex AU3 / AU4 / AU5 / Megas / Caris
IVT12 Endocavity AU3 / AU4 / AU5 / Megas / Caris
CA621 Convex DU3/4/Caris Plus/My Lab15/20/25/30
CA631 Convex DU3/4/Caris Plus/My Lab15/20/25/30
CA421 Convex DU3/4/Caris Plus/My Lab15/20/25/30
CA431 Convex My Lab25/30CV/40/50/GOLD Platform
CA430E Convex My Lab25/30CV/40/50
LA522E Linear DU3/4/Caris Plus/My Lab15/20/25/30
LA523 10-5 Linear DU3/4/Caris Plus/My Lab15/20/25/30
PA230E Phase My Lab15/20/25/30
PA220E Cardiac DU3/4/My Lab
E8-5/R10 Endocavity Picus
CA123 Micro-Convex DU3/4/My Lab
EC123 Endocavity DU3/4/Caris Plus/My Lab15/20/25/30
PHILIPS C5-2 Convex HDI3500/4000/5000
C8-4V Transvaginal HDI 1500/3000/3500/5000
L7-4 Linear HDI 1500/3000/3500/5000
P3-2 Phase HDI 3000/3500/5000
P4-2 Phase HDI3000/3500/4000/5000
CLA35/40 Convex ATL: HDI
C3-7 Convex HD3
C5-2 Convex HD3
C9-4EC Convex HD3
L9-5EC Linear HD3
EC9-4 Transvaginal HD3
C5-2 Convex Envisor/HD7/HD11
C6-3 Convex HD6/7/11//EnVisor
L12-3 Linear HD6/7/11/EnVisor
C8-4V Transvaginal HD6/7/12/EnVisor
HP C3540 Convex HP: Sonos5500/ Sonos7500
E6509 Transvaginal HP: Sonos5500/ Sonos7500
S4 Phase HP: Sonos5500/ Sonos7500
SIEMENS 3.5C40S Convex Adara
6.5EV13S Endocavity Adara
CH5-2 Convex G40, G60 S, X150, X300, X500
VF10-5 Linear G40, G60 S, X150, X300, X500
VF13-5 Linear G40, G60 S, X150, X300, X500
EC9-4 Transvaginal G40, G60 S, X150, X300, X500
P4-2 Phase SIEMENS£ºG50, G60, CV70, X150, X300, X500
EV9-4 Endocavity X150
3.5C40+ Convex SIEMENS£ºVersa Plus£¬Omnia sienna
C5-2 Convex Antares,G50,G60, Omnia, Sienna
C6-2 Convex SIEMENS£ºG50, G60, X500
7.5L40+ Linear SIEMENS£ºVersa Pro, Versa Plus, Sienna
Acuson C5-2 Convex G20
L10-5 Linear G20
TOSHIBA PVF-375AT Convex SSA-340A/350A (Eccosee/CoreVision)
PVG-366M Convex SSA-200/400/Capacee/JUSTVISION
PVG-601V Endocavity    SSA-200/400/Capacee/JUSTVISION  
PVT-375BT convex SSA-660A//400/500(Xario/Aplio)
PVM-375AT Convex SSA-370A (PowerVision 6000)/SSA-550A (Nemio 10/20/30/35)/SSA-580A (Nemio XG)
PVF-621VT Endocavity SSA-270/SSH-140A/250A/ 340A / 350A (corevision)
PVF-641VT Endocavity SSA-350 (Corevision)
 PSF-25LT Cardiac  SSA-270/SSH-140/160
PVE-375M Convex SAL-77B, SSA-90A/100A/250A, SSA-240A (Tosbee)
PVF-375MT Convex SSA-140A / 270A / 340A (Eccocee) / 350A (corevision)
HITACHI EUP-C314T Convex EUB-405/410/420/450/515
EUP-C314G Convex EUB-405+/420/525/555/6000/6000S
EUP-C314 Convex EUB-405/410/420/450/515
EUP-C715 Convex EUB5500
EUP-C514 Convex EUB-6000
Ultrasonix C5-2/60 Convex SonixTouch, SonixMDP, SonixSP, SonixOP, SonixTablet
C7-3/50 Convex SonixTouch, SonixMDP, SonixSP, SonixOP, SonixTablet
L14-5/38  Linear SonixTouch, SonixMDP, SonixSP, SonixOP, SonixTablet
SA4-2/24 Phase SonixTouch, SonixMDP, SonixSP, SonixOP, SonixTablet
EC9-5/10 Transvaginal  SonixTouch, SonixMDP, SonixSP, SonixOP, SonixTablet
Sonosite L38/10-5 Linear Sonosite: 180, 180PLUS
C15/4-2 Phase Sonosite: 180, 180PLUS
ICT/7-4 Rectal Sonosite: 180, 180PLUS
C60/5-2 Convex Sonosite: 180, 180PLUS
FUT-C111A Convex UF-4500
Shimadzu   VA57R-0375U  Convex SDU350/450 
HONDA HCS-436M Convex HS-2000series 
Kontron CA531K Convex Maestro,Agile
LA523K Linear Maestro,Agile
Landwind 35C60HE Convex C20/C25/C30
70L40H Linear C20/C25/C31
65C13H Transvaginal C20/C25/C32
35C60HG Convex C40
70L40 Linear C41
65C13HF Transvaginal C42
CHISON L40617L Linear  Chison 8500 series 
C60613L Convex Chison 8500 series
C60  Convex Chison 600 series
EDAN C361-1  Convex DUS3
L741 /E741 Linear DUS3
E611-1 Transvaginal DUS3
EZU-PC3B Convex CTS-260,285,385(Plus)£¬405£¬465
EZU-PC3C Convex CTS-285,385(Plus)£¬280
EZU-PC3D Convex CTS-310B
C3L60A Convex CTS-5000
L7L38A Linear CTS-5000
V6L11A Transvaginal CTS-5000
SIUI EZU-PL21 Linear SIUI£ºCTS-200£¬200A£¬240A£¬280£¬305                
EZU-PC3A Convex SIUI£ºCTS-310B£¬380                                       
EZU-PC3B Convex SIUI£ºCTS-260,285,385(Plus)£¬405£¬465              
EZU-PC3C Convex SIUI£ºCTS-285,385(Plus)£¬280              
EZU-PC3D Convex SIUI£ºCTS-310B                                         
C3L60A Convex SIUI£ºCTS-5000 
L7L38A Linear SIUI£ºCTS-5000
V6L11A Endocavity SIUI£ºCTS-5000
C3L60G Convex SIUI£ºCTS-8800
L7L38G Linear SIUI£ºCTS-8800
C3L60C1 Convex SIUI£ºCTS-3500 
C3L60C2 Convex SIUI£ºCTS-3300 
L8L38C Linear SIUI£ºCTS-3500 
TEKNOVA C361 Convex TEKNOVA: TH-200  
E663 Endocavity TEKNOVA: TH-200
L553 Linear TEKNOVA: TH-200
C361 Convex TEKNOVA: TH-280  
E663 Endocavity TEKNOVA: TH-280
L553 Linear TEKNOVA: TH-280
Emperor  C080-60E Convex 1100/860 
SonoScape C344 Convex SSI-1000/2000/5000
L741 Linear SSI-1000/2000/5000
2P1 Phase SSI-1000/2000/5001
6V1 Endocavity SSI-1000/2000/5000
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